Evaluations, Investigations And Law Enforcement Series

Legal (Parts 401-408)
Claims (Part 401)
Inventions and Patents (Part 402)
Water Rights (Part 403)
Investigations (Parts 409-414)
Investigating Waste, Fraud, and Abuse (Part 409)
Departmental Investigations (Part 410)
Investigations By Other Agencies (Part 411)
Audits (Parts 415-419)
Departmental Audits (Part 415)
General Accounting Office Audits (Part 416)
Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program Audits (Part 417)
Security (Parts 430-439)
Personnel Suitability and Security (Part 430)
Information Security (Part 431)
Physical Security (Part 432)
Law Enforcement (Parts 440-469)
Office of Law Enforcement Organization and Function (Part 440)
Conduct, General Rules, and Definitions (Part 441)
Firearms and Use of Force (Part 442)
Wildlife Inspection (Part 443)
Investigative Guidelines (Part 444)
Searches, Seizures, Detention, Arrests, and Evidence (Part 445)
Law Enforcement Operations (Part 446)
Undercover Operations (Part 447)
Submission of Evidence, Eagles, and Property (Part 448)
Reports and Case Management (Part 449)
Special Funds and Rewards (Part 450)
Use of Vehicles (Part 451)
Law Enforcement Uniforms (Part 452)
Wellness Program for Law Enforcement Officers (Part 453)
Public Affairs and Release of Information (Part 454)
Refuge Law Enforcement (Parts 470 - 479)
Refuge Law Enforcement Organization and Function (Part 470)
Refuge-Specific Operations (Part 471)