The National Fish Hatchery System works to support healthy, self-sustaining populations of fish and other aquatic species across the country. Every year we raise and stock over 98 million fish to support the recovery and restoration of imperiled species, recreational fishing, and tribal subsistence fisheries.

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Our Projects and Initiatives

  • Improve recreational fishing and public use of aquatic resources.
  • Recover federally listed threatened or endangered species.
  • Restore imperiled species that are not yet listed as endangered.
  • Fulfill tribal partnerships and trust responsibilities.

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Did you know that you can be a super-star conservationist just by going fishing? Whether you prefer fly-fishing on a wild and scenic river, noodling for catfish, or dropping a line in an urban waterway, here are some basics to get you started fishing responsibly!
Our conservation roots run deep. In 1871, people recognized that America’s fisheries were in trouble and called on congress to act. The United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries was formed on February 9, 1871. Their charge was clear - to determine if America’s fisheries were declining, and if...