Buy a Junior Duck Stamp

Purchasing a Junior Duck Stamps supports wildlife conservation education and grows our next generation of Duck Stamp artists and enthusiasts.

The new Junior Duck Stamp goes on sale at the end of June. A “First Day of Issueevent is often held to celebrate the artists, purchasers, and conservation partners.

Each year, tens of thousands of students spend time exploring wetlands and waterfowl and learning about the anatomy and ecological needs of their chosen species of waterfowl. They share what they have learned through a painting or drawing. Top entries from each State contest are sent to the National Junior Duck Stamp Contest from which an overall winner is chosen. A $5 stamp is created from the national entry and the stamp is sold to raise funds to promote conservation education in every state, Washington D.C., and the U.S. territories.

We offer a variety of methods for you to purchase the annual stamp and support conservation education among our youth.

Who Needs It

Junior Duck Stamps are purchased solely to perpetuate this unique wetland conservation education program. A “cinderella stamp”, Junior Duck Stamps cannot be used for postage and are not a mandatory purchase for young hunters. However, Junior Duck Stamps are the only stable funding source for this conservation program which annually impacts over 300,000 students, educators, families, and communities.

Stamp and wildlife art collectors add to their valuable collections and support conservation education at the same time.

Many Federal Duck Stamp artists began their journeys as Junior Duck Stamp artists. Others who have participated in the program have become art or science educators or gone on to a career in the wildlife conservation field. We are still waiting for the first national Junior Duck Stamp artist to win the coveted Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest.


  • Purchase your Junior Duck Stamp
    • First Day of Sale of the 2023-2024 Federal Duck Stamp and Junior Duck Stamp will be June 24, 2023
      There will be no public event; however, we encourage everyone to support wetland habitat conservation and conservation education by purchasing their current stamps! 
  • Share it with your friends and family and show your support for wildlife conservation education
  • Encourage the youth in your life to participate in the Junior Duck Stamp Program

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