Storage of Classified Documents

431 FW 7
FWM Number
Originating Office
Information Resources and Technology Management

7.1 General. The use of computer equipment for processing classified information is prohibited. Classified information shall be stored only under conditions adequate to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access. The requirements specified in this chapter represent the minimum acceptable security standards. Current information regarding approved classified storage containers can be obtained from the Security Officer.

7.2 Storage of Classified Information. Classified information that is not under the personal control and observation of an authorized person shall be stored in a locked security container as follows:

A. Top Secret information shall be stored in a GSA approved security container, a class A vault or vault-type room that meets the standards established by the Department.

B. Secret information shall be stored in the same manner as that authorized for Top Secret or, until phased out, in a steel filing cabinet having a built-in, three-position, dial-type combination lock.

C. Confidential information shall be stored in the same manner as that authorized for Top Secret and Secret or in a steel file cabinet secured by a steel bar and a three-position, GSA approved, dial-type combination padlock.

7.3 Safeguards During Use. The following precautions shall be taken to prevent unauthorized access to classified information:

A. Documents removed from storage shall be kept face down and covered and under the constant surveillance of an authorized, cleared person when not in use. The cover sheets shall be Standard Forms 703, 704, and 705 for, respectively, Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential documents.

B. Classified information shall be discussed only when unauthorized persons cannot overhear the discussion. Particular care should be taken when there are visitors or maintenance staff present.

C. Preliminary drafts, carbon sheets, stencils, stenographic notes, worksheets, typewriter ribbons, and other items containing classified information shall be either destroyed by an approved method immediately after they have served their purpose, or shall be given the same classification and secure handling as the classified information they contain.

D. Classified information shall not be discussed on the telephone.

E. If it is necessary to vacate the office, all classified material must be returned to a locked storage container, or left in the custody of persons cleared for access to the subject matter.