Remedial Firearms Training Notice

442 FW 1
442 FW 1, FWM 472, 11/22/05
Originating Office
Division of Technical and Field Support



U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service



This is a remedial firearms training notice as required by 442 FW 1.9B(2). 

On [Date], you were unable to qualify with your primary sidearm in the allotted three attempts.  As a result, you are required to complete stage [1 or 2] remedial training within the next 30 days.  Stage [1 or 2] remedial training will consist of at least [8 or 24] hours of firearms training covering the principles of basic marksmanship and any specific areas in which you need improvement.  At the conclusion of the remedial training, you will be given three additional attempts to qualify. 

If you believe that personal, medical, or other problems are reasons for your firearms qualification deficiency, you may provide documentation of the medical condition or bring these problems to my attention.  You may also contact the Employee Assistance Program at 1.800.222.0364 or me for assistance.  If you wish to provide medical documentation, the Human Resources Specialist (Employee Relations), [Name and Phone #], will provide you with information concerning medical documentation requirements.

You should coordinate the remedial training directly with Service Firearms Instructor, [Name].  A copy of 442 FW 1 is enclosed for your reference.


[Name of issuing supervisor]