Examples of Category 2 Allegations

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Originating Office
Office of Law Enforcement

Examples of Category 2 Allegations:

Category 2 allegations may involve the following types of misconduct:

(A) Failure to promptly report an allegation of misconduct other than a Category 1 allegation

(B) Unauthorized possession of Government property

(C) Unauthorized use of Government vehicles or other conveyances

(D) Off-duty conduct resulting in arrest, detention, or conviction for other than a Category 1 offense, or failure to report it to Service management (excluding lesser matter such as minor traffic violations)

(E) Use of Government facilities, supplies, equipment, services, telephones, or personnel for other than official purposes where the value of such use exceeds $100

(F) Use or creation of Government identification for other than official purposes

(G) Discharge of a weapon by a Service employee that results in injury or death of another individual

(H) Loss or theft of a Service-issued or authorized firearm

(I) Consumption of alcohol while on duty

(J) Consumption or possession of illicit drugs while on duty

(K) Disrespectful conduct, assault, or threatening assault toward the public not constituting a Category 1 offense such as a criminal civil rights violation

(L) Disrespectful conduct, assault, or threatening assault toward coworkers or supervisors

(M) Failure to properly account for funds, valuables, and personal property of detainees in Service custody

(N) Willful destruction of government property or vandalism of government equipment or facilities

(O) Misrepresentation, falsification, concealment, or withholding of a material fact; or refusal to testify or cooperate in an official inquiry, investigation, or other proceeding in connection other than a Category 1 offense

(P) Willful or negligent violation of security regulations or practices (e.g., release of sensitive information outside the agency)

(Q) Failure to promptly report violations of laws enforced by the Department

(R) Unauthorized/improper vehicular pursuit

(S) Prohibited reprisal against an employee for engaging in a protected activity, e.g., exercising a statutory appeal right, contacting a Member of Congress, or disclosing fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement

(T) Operating, promoting, or participating in unauthorized gambling while on government premises or on Government time