Handling and Distribution of FBI Reports

411 FW 2
FWM Number
411 FW 2, FWM 207, 06/09/95
Originating Office
Branch of Risk Management

2.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This chapter provides guidance and direction concerning the handling and distribution of FBI investigative reports.

2.2 What is the authority for this chapter? 356 DM 2.

2.3 What are the procedures regarding the receipt of FBI reports? The OIG is the first point of receipt for all FBI reports concerning the bureaus and offices of the Department. The OIG is responsible for initiating and ensuring completion of required action on the basis of an FBI report, including referral to the Service.

2.4 What are the procedures regarding the referral of FBI Reports? Upon review and analysis of an FBI investigative report, the OIG will proceed in one of the following manners:

A. Schedule the matter for further investigation by the OIG.

B. Refer the FBI report to the auditing section of the OIG for vulnerability assessment information or audit.

C. Request additional information, administrative inquiry, or other action by the Service.

D. Close out the matter and place the FBI report in the files of the OIG.

2.5 How will the Service handle FBI reports? We will proceed in accordance with direction from the OIG.