Policy, Authority, and Responsibilities for OIG Investigations

410 FW 1
FWM Number
410 FW 1, FWM 207, 06/09/95, and amended by 409 FW 1, 5/23/2018
Originating Office
Branch of Risk Management

1.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This chapter provides guidance on the authority and responsibilities of the Fish and Wildlife Service regarding Department of the Interior investigations. For added clarification and distinction, this part also stipulates Departmental policy regarding the responsibilities of the Office of the Inspector General concerning investigations into waste, fraud, abuse and program integrity. As used in this Part, the term "we" refers to the Fish and Wildlife Service.

1.2 What is the scope of this chapter?

A. Investigations by the OIG and administrative inquiries by the Service relating to alleged waste, fraud, and abuse in the Federal Government or matters that threaten the integrity of Departmental or Service programs.

B. It does not cover personnel security investigations, investigations of equal employment opportunity complaints, or investigations by law enforcement officials into alleged violations of Federal laws or regulations, the enforcement of which is assigned to them by statute or regulation (e.g., Migratory Bird Treaty Act). Not covered are investigations into violations of the special rules and regulations for the conduct and discipline of law enforcement personnel that fall within the jurisdiction of a regularly established trial board or similar review unit.

1.3 What authorities are used for this chapter?

A. 355 DM 1-6, Departmental Investigations.

B. Inspector General memorandum, January 23, 2002, OIG Policy for Referrals from Departmental Offices and Bureaus.

1.4 What is the Service policy regarding Departmental investigations? The Service and the OIG promote economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and prevent and detect the appearance of waste, fraud, and abuse in the administration of the programs and operations of the Department or the Service. Any information, allegation, or complaint received either in the Department or the Service that reflects adversely upon the integrity of the Department or Service policies and practices or the conduct of employees will receive a competent and impartial review.

1.5 Who is responsible for conducting Departmental investigations?

A. The Office of the Inspector General is responsible for conducting investigations or arranging for the conduct of investigations or administrative inquiries into complaints received by outside sources or information acquired from employees of the Department concerning the possible existence of any activity constituting a violation of Federal laws, rules, and regulations; mismanagement; gross waste of funds; abuse of authority; or a substantial and specific danger to the public health and safety. See 410 FW 2 for more detailed information on the OIG's role regarding Departmental investigations.

B. The Service is responsible for: (1) conducting administrative inquiries into allegations of waste, fraud, and abuse received in-house or by the OIG and assigned to the Service; (2) providing timely responses to OIG inquiries; and (3) ensuring appropriate disciplinary and other corrective measures involving program irregularities, deficiencies, and employee misconduct are taken. See 409 FW 1 for more detailed information on Service responsibilities regarding Departmental investigations.