OIG Responsibilities and Procedures for Departmental Investigations

410 FW 2
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410 FW 2, FWM 207, 06/09/95
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Branch of Risk Management

2.1 What are the Office of the Inspector General's responsibilities regarding Departmental investigations? The OIG internally investigates or arranges for the respective bureau or office to evaluate alleged or suspected violations of Federal criminal or civil fraud statutes, or Government rules and regulations involving employees, prospective employees, former employees, contractors, subcontractors, prospective contractors and subcontractors, grantees, subgrantees, persons doing business with the Department or having contact with the Department, and programs funded by the Department. Such violations include, but are not limited to:

A.   False, fictitious, or fraudulent claims or disclosure of proprietary information.

B.  Kickbacks on Departmental projects.

C. Misconduct by high level officials or persons in sensitive or fiduciary positions.

D. Conflicts of interest.

E.  Travel fraud.

F.  Time and attendance falsification.

G. Travel or purchase credit card abuse.

H. Gross waste or mismanagement.

2.2 What are the Office of the Inspector General's procedures?

A. In those instances where the OIG conducts an investigation regarding the Service, the OIG will prepare a Report of Investigation detailing the investigative findings for submission to the Service for appropriate action.

B. In those instances where a determination is made that an official investigation by the OIG is not necessary, the OIG will remand the allegations to the Service for appropriate action.

C. The OIG will coordinate with the Department of Justice by referring for prosecution, or necessary additional investigatory handling, any matter involving violations of Federal statutes.