Records and Reports

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Information Resources and Technology Management

2.1 General. This chapter identifies the record keeping and reports that are required in the Service security information program.

2.2 Reports. The following reports shall be submitted by the Washington and Regional offices, to the Security Officer, for consolidation and forwarding, through the appropriate Service channels, to the Chief, Office of Enforcement and Security Management (PES):

A. Espionage, Sabotage or Subversive Activities. A report shall be submitted immediately upon receipt of information concerning existing or threatened espionage, sabotage, or subversive activity within the Service. This requirement does not preclude reporting of these incidents to appropriate law enforcement agencies and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

B. Security Violations. Persons having knowledge of the loss, possible compromise, unauthorized disclosure of classified information, or any other security violation (deliberate or inadvertent) shall immediately report the facts to the Security Officer or Regional Security Representative, and follow-up with a written report. Failure to report a known security violation is treated as a security violation.

C. Security Inspections. The Security Officer shall conduct formal security inspections at least annually at all areas under his/her/their jurisdiction where classified material is handled. The results of these inspections shall be reported to PES within 30 days for review and comment.

D. Classified Document Inventory. An annual classified document inventory of all Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential documents shall be submitted to PES within 5 working days from the period ending September 30. Reports shall include the total number of documents in each classification category and their location. All documents 5 years old or older shall be reviewed for downgrading, declassification, or destruction at the time each inventory is conducted.

E. Personnel Security Clearances. A list of those persons currently cleared for access to classified information to include names, dates cleared, and the investigative basis for clearances will be provided, by the Security Officer, concurrently with the annual inventory report to PES.

F. Derivative Classification. The number of derivative classified documents generated shall be reported annually to PES, no later than September 30.

G. Appointments. PES shall be notified whenever there is a change or a new appointment of security officer or alternate, classified document custodians, and derivative classifiers. 

Amended by Decision Memorandum, “Approval of Revisions to ~350 Directives to Remove Gender-Specific Pronouns,” 6/22/2022