Checklist for SACs or ARDs/NWRS with Law Enforcement Officers Involved in Critical Incidents

442 FW 6
Originating Office
Division of Technical and Field Support
The SAC or ARD-NWRS of a Service LEO involved in a critical incident must:

     Notify the Chief, Office of Law Enforcement and/or the Regional Director and the Assistant Director - NWRS as appropriate about the incident.

     Notify if appropriate, the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Constitutional Tort Section by telephone at:


202-616-4168, or


to request emergency interim legal representation for the involved LEO(s). (Also see 442 FW 6, Exhibit 4.)

□     The Professional Responsibility Unit (PRU).

     Notify the Regional Human Resources office. Ensure that the office provides death/injury benefit assistance to the family of a severely injured or deceased Service employee. See 442 FW 6, Exhibit 6 for a list of available benefits. 

     Notify the Regional External Affairs office, if appropriate. The SAC or Regional Director is responsible for all distribution of information to media about Service LEOs involved in critical incidents and must ensure that the involved officer’s name is not released to the media.

     Review investigative reports of the incident.