Reproduction and Destruction

431 FW 10
FWM Number
Originating Office
Information Resources and Technology Management

10.1 General. Reproduction of classified material shall be approved by the Security Officer. Top Secret information cannot be reproduced without the originator's written consent.

10.2 Reproduction. All copies of classified material shall be controlled and marked in the same manner as the original document. Classified material shall be reproduced on equipment specifically designated for that purpose. The equipment must be located in an area under the constant surveillance of appropriately cleared persons, who are charged with enforcing the rules against unauthorized use and otherwise protecting the equipment.

10.3 Destruction of Classified Information.

A. Top Secret material shall be destroyed only by the Department Top Secret Control Officer.

B. Secret and Confidential material, for which controls are required by the originator, shall be destroyed by two appropriately cleared employees. One shall serve as the "destroying official" and the other as the "witnessing official." They shall safeguard the material entrusted to them until it is actually destroyed, inventory the material to assure conformity with the accountability record and the destruction certificate(s), assure its complete destruction, and complete Form DI 229, Certificate of Destruction.

C. Confidential material, for which accountability was not established, shall be destroyed in the same manner as prescribed for Secret, however, a Certificate of Destruction is not required.

D. Classified material shall be disposed of by burning, using a shredder, disintegrator, or pulverizer machine conforming to Federal specifications. Information regarding current specifications may be obtained from the Security Officer.