Identification and Marking

431 FW 4
FWM Number
Originating Office
Information Resources and Technology Management

4.1 Identification. At the time of derivative classification, the following information shall be shown on the face of all derivatively classified documents, or clearly placed upon other forms of classified information in a manner appropriate to the medium involved (e.g., photographs, charts, and computer discs):

A. The source of classification (a source document or classification guide). If classification is derived from more than one source, the phrase "Multiple Sources" shall be shown and the identification of each source shall be maintained with the file or record copy of the document.

B. The agency and office of origin of the derivatively classified document.

C. The overall classification of the document (Top Secret, Secret, or Confidential).

D. The date or event for declassification or the notation "Originating Agency's Determination Required" or "OADR", carried forward from the classification source. If the classification is derived from multiple sources, either the most remote date or event for declassification marked on the source documents or if required by any source, the notation "Originating Agency's Determination Required" or "OADR" shall be shown.

E. If applicable, any downgrading action to be taken and the date or event thereof.

4.2 Overall and Page Markings. Booklets pertaining to the procedures for marking classified material can be obtained from the Security Officer. The overall classification of a document, whether or not permanently bound, or any copy or reproduction thereof, shall be conspicuously marked, stamped, or affixed permanently at the top and bottom on the outside of the front cover (if any), on the title page (if any), on the first page, and on the outside of the back cover (if any). Each interior page, except those that are blank, shall be marked top and bottom according to its content, to include "Unclassified" when no classified information is contained on such page. Alternatively, the overall classification of the document may be conspicuously marked or stamped at the top and bottom of each interior page when such marking is necessary to achieve production efficiency.

4.3 Portion Marking. Each section, part, paragraph, or similar portion of a classified document shall be marked to show the level of classification of the information contained in or revealed by it, or that it is unclassified. Portions of documents shall be marked in a manner that eliminates doubt as to which of its portions contains or reveals classified information. Classification levels of portions of a document, except as provided in 4.4, shall be shown by the appropriate classification symbol placed immediately following the portion's letter or number, or in the absence of letters or numbers, immediately before the beginning of the portion. The symbols "(TS)" for Top Secret, "(S)" for Secret, "(C)" for Confidential, and "(U)" for Unclassified shall be used for this purpose.

4.4 Subjects and Titles of Documents. Subjects and titles of classified documents shall be marked with the appropriate symbol, "(TS)", "(S)", "(C)", or "(U)" placed immediately following the item. (Subjects or titles of documents should be unclassified, if possible).