Top Secret Documents

431 FW 9
FWM Number
Originating Office
Information Resources and Technology Management

9.1 Top Secret Control Center (TSCC). Room 5039 in the Main Interior Building is designated as the TSCC for the Service. The center is under the control of the Chief, Office of Enforcement and Security Management (PES), who is the Department Top Secret Control Officer (TSCO).

9.2 Top Secret Control Number. The Top Secret control number assigned by the TSCC shall not be altered nor shall an internal control number be assigned by an office or activity permitted to store the material.

9.3 Transfer of Custody. Transfer of custody from one activity to another within or outside the Department may only be accomplished through the TSCO.

9.4 Reproduction of Top Secret. The reproduction of Top Secret material without the written consent of the originator is prohibited. (Also see Chapter 10.)

9.5 Access to Top Secret Information. The number of persons afforded access to Top Secret information shall be kept to an absolute minimum.

9.6 Top Secret Access Records. The use of the Form DI 1836, Top Secret Access Record, is mandatory to reflect the names of all persons afforded access to Top Secret information. The record identifies each item of Top Secret material, the names of all individuals given access to the information, and the date or inclusive dates on which access occurred.

9.7 Control of Top Secret Documents. Only the Security Officer is authorized to receive Top Secret material on behalf of the Service. Upon receipt of such material, the Top Secret register shall be annotated with the following information; title of the document, serial number, copy number, and date of receipt. The enclosed receipt shall be completed and returned to the sender.

9.8 Preparation and Receipting. Top Secret information to be transmitted outside a Government building shall be enclosed in opaque inner and outer containers. The information shall be protected from direct contact with the inner container by a cover sheet or by folding the material inward. The inner container shall be sealed, include the addresses of the sender and addressee, shall be conspicuously marked Top Secret, and if appropriate, include any applicable special instructions and/or additional markings. The outer container shall be sealed and addressed with no identification of the classification of its contents.

9.9 Transmission. Top Secret material shall be transmitted under a continuous chain of receipts both within and outside the Service. Top Secret information may be transmitted by one of the following means:

A. Defense Courier Service or Department of State Courier System.

B. Appropriately cleared and briefed employees.

C. Electrical means in a Cryptographic system approved for encryption of Top Secret information.