Compromise of Classified Information

431 FW 11
FWM Number
Originating Office
Information Resources and Technology Management

11.1 Responsibility of the Discoverer. Any person who has knowledge of the loss or possible compromise of classified information shall immediately report such fact to the Security Officer. The Security Officer shall notify the Chief, Office of Enforcement and Security Management (PES).

11.2 Preliminary Inquiries.

A. Upon receipt of a report of possible compromise or subjection to compromise, the responsible manager or supervisor shall direct a preliminary inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the event. A preliminary inquiry report shall be prepared and forwarded within 24 hours to the Security Officer or Regional Security Representative and shall include:

(1) The identity of the information involved to include the date, subject, originator, classification level, and type of material (e.g., message, memorandum, notebook, etc.).

(2) A detailed narrative statement providing the facts leading to the loss, suspected or actual, and a determination as to the possibility of compromise.

(3) The corrective and/or disciplinary action taken or proposed.

B. Upon receipt of a preliminary inquiry, the Security Officer shall establish one of the following:

(1) That a loss or compromise of classified information did not occur.

(2) That a loss or compromise of classified information did occur but the compromise reasonably could not be expected to cause damage to the national security. If, in such instances, the Security Officer finds no indication of significant security weakness, the report of preliminary inquiry shall be sufficient to resolve the incident and, when appropriate, support any administrative sanction under 370 DM 752.

(3) That a loss or compromise of classified information did occur and that the compromise reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national security or that the probability of damage to the national security cannot be discounted.

C. Investigation. Upon a determination under 11.2B(3), the Security Officer shall:

(1) Determine whether further investigation is warranted, and if appropriate, conduct an internal investigation or seek investigative assistance from other appropriate agencies.

(2) The Security Officer shall establish the facts and access all records relevant to the investigation. Employees shall fully cooperate with the investigating official during the conduct of investigations to include providing information, records, and other documentation applicable to the loss or compromise. A written investigative report shall be provided to PES.