Liaison with Non-Interior Agencies

411 FW 1
FWM Number
411 FW 1, FWM 207, 06/09/95
Originating Office
Branch of Risk Management

1.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This chapter provides guidance on the Service and the Department of the Interior's involvement with other Federal agencies regarding investigations.

1.2 What is the authority for this chapter? 356 DM 1.

1.3 What are investigations by other Agencies? Investigations that other Government Agencies conduct can relate to or involve the programs, operations, and employees of the Service or the Department. The Federal Bureau of Investigation conducts the majority of these types of investigations on the basis of alleged violations of Federal criminal statutes that have been filed directly with the FBI or the Department of Justice. Investigations may also be conducted by:

A. The General Accounting Office concerning financial irregularities.

B. The Office of Personnel Management concerning certain kinds of personnel irregularities.

C. The General Services Administration concerning certain violations of law or regulation occurring on Federal premises administered by the agency.

D. The Office of Special Counsel concerning political activity violations.

E. Committees of Congress.

1.4 What is the Office of the Inspector General's policy on interagency cooperation and communication? The Office of Inspector General will cooperate fully, when requested and as appropriate, with other Federal agencies having general or special investigative authority in performing investigative assignments. Additionally, when required in the furtherance of authorized investigations, the OIG may request the agencies mentioned in paragraph 1.3, above, as well as other Federal entities, to perform investigative services on a cooperative basis. Authority to make such requests of other agencies is strictly limited to the OIG.

1.5 What is the procedure for matters under other Agencies' jurisdiction? Matters disclosed in OIG investigations that fall within the jurisdiction and responsibility of other Agencies will be made known to them by the OIG so that appropriate action may be taken.

1.6 What are the procedures for handling reports from other Agencies? Reports from other Agencies forwarded to the OIG and disseminated to the Service for appropriate action are to be disclosed only to persons with an official need to know.

1.7 How will the Service handle outside reports? The Service will carry out proper action on outside reports in accordance with OIG instructions.