Celebrate 100 Years of Bird Conservation!

In 2016, we celebrate the centennial of the signing of the foundational treaty that launched international conservation efforts for migratory birds.

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What Matters Most?

Migratory bird resources just for you: I am
I am

Waterfowl Banding Blog

Have you ever seen a bird with a band on its leg? U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologists use these items to learn more about bird populations by recording where and when banded birds are found to help ensure healthy populations. Right now, biologists are banding waterfowl in Canada. Read some blogs from the field and learn more about the program.

Christmas Bird Count

The  Christmas Bird Count is one of the oldest citizen science initiatives in North America.  Counts occur each year between Wednesday, December 14th and January 5th.  Counts take place in a 15 mile wide circle, following a specified route in the circle on a specific day.  There are also opportunities to count the birds at your backyard feeder.

Building Glass & Lighting

Collision with building glass is currently estimated to be the second greatest source of direct mortality of birds. Bird mortality from window collisions in the U.S. is estimated to be between 365 million to 988 million birds annually. When we see all the glass and windows around us, and how quickly these are becoming more prevalent in new building designs, it’s no wonder this is such a large source of mortality.

Last Updated: January 2, 2017