Mississippi Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is pleased to announce the winners of the 2024 Mississippi Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest.  The annual contest, which is open to students in grades K -12 from across the state, encourages young artists to express their knowledge of conservation, wetlands, and waterfowl while creating beautiful works of art.  

Chance Bertelsen, 18, of Natchez, was named “Best of Show” for their acrylic painting of a male Ruddy duck, titled “Robby the Ruddy Duck”. The winning Mississippi Conservation Message was submitted by Skyla Perry, 18, of Natchez. She wrote, “Ensuring that future generations get to see beautiful wildlife in person, not just pictures and paintings.”  

This program offers an art- and science-based curriculum that teaches wetland and waterfowl conservation to students in kindergarten through high school. If you are interested in learning more about the contest, please contact the Mississippi Junior Duck Stamp Coordinator at David_a_Dean@fws.gov.  

A Special Thank You to all the participating schools, teachers, and students:
Cathedral School, St. Richard School, Stewart Academy Home school 

First, second and third place winners in each of the four age groups: 

1st Place – Group 1 (Grade K-3) 

Edmund Stanton
Penelope Starrett
Breccan Reynolds

1st Place – Group 2 (Grades 4-6) 

John Choufani 
Andrew Compertta  
Olivia Kenyon

1st Place – Group 3 (Grade 7-9)

 Vivian Stewart

1st Place – Group 4 (Grade 10-12)

Chance Bertelsen
Joseph Starr
Ella Samrow 

2nd  Place – Group 1 (Grade K-3)

Peyton Smith
Anna Kate Yentzen
Henry Hospodor

2nd Place – Group 2 (Grades 4-6)

Joseph Starrett
Thomas Ueltschey  
Aria Layton 

2nd  Place – Group 3 (Grade 7-9)

No Entries

2nd Place – Group 4 (Grade 10-12)

Parker Claire Maxwell 
Afana Chenyavanit
Sally Linton

3rd Place – Group 1 (Grade K-3)

Logan Banks  
Hadley Metzger  
Taylor Bost

3rd Place – Group 2 (Grades 4-6)

Ryan Carlson
Jackson Fletcher
Kody Gage

3rd Place – Group 3 (Grade 7-9)

No Entries

3rd  Place – Group 4 (Grade 10-12) 

Jackson Webb
Elizabeth Gregg
Lauren Lambuth

Honorable Mention winners in each of the four age groups:  
Group 1 (K-Grade 3) 
Arya Luggins, Jude Shannon, Max Jones, Stella McArthur, Nadia Jackson, Ava Brooks, Alana Kidd, Jayden Johnson 

Group 2 (Grades 4-6) 
Lorin Bass, Cooper Davis, Judah Hill, Layla Bost, Mia Nasif, Kate Vandiver, Ann Margaret Morisani, Maximus Hoover, Parker Bierdeman, Mary Choufani, Rivers Hoffman, Addy Boteler, Drew Simmons

Group 3 (Grades 7-9) 
No Entries

Group 4 (Grades 10-12) 
Marlaysia Fleming, Skyla Perry, Owen Bertelsen, Maggie Waddill, Faith Anne Johnson, Julia Smith, Erin Young, Lizzie Verucchi, Rachel Misita, Samuel Stout, Allie Mcgehee, Madelyn Fieldev, Lacy Welch, Searey Branton
Best of Show Artwork – by Chance Bertelsen, Natchez, MS (see file attachment BOS 2024 Bertelsen) 

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