Ways to get involved

You and your family can get involved bird conservation in many ways! Be a "citizen scientist" and help scientists answer key questions about birds, such as arrival dates, abundance, and departure dates of migratory birds, and reporting sightings of rare and common birds. Citizen science projects at the local, regional and national level offer many opportunities to participate, in some cases with little or no specialized skills required. Many programs even let you contribute to conservation by counting birds right in your backyard.

Whether you contribute as a partner in a grant project, engage with local organizations through the Urban Bird Treaty program, co-host a special event with partners in your area, or buy a Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation (Duck) Stamp - supporting one of the nation's oldest and most successful conservation programs - YOU have an opportunity to play a crucial role in bird conservation.

Our Partners

The Migratory Bird Program works with others to achieve our conservation mission; in fact, we could not be effective without the support and cooperation of our many partners.

Throughout our website, we have many resources for partners, whether you need to access reports or other documents, survey information, bird management plans or lists of protected species, or guidance and tools to help you do your job or fulfill legal mandates.

We also want to show you the many ways you can be involved with bird conservation and the Migratory Bird Program if you are not already. Apply for a grant, invest in conservation, help educate the next generation of conservationists, participate in a citizen action or citizen science project, or simply explore hunting or bird watching opportunities near you. There are many ways that you can become a partner in bird and habitat conservation. Join us!