Lost River Sucker

Lost River Sucker (Deltistes luxatus)
Lost River sucker

Description: The Lost River sucker is found only in the Klamath Basin of south-central Oregon and north-central California.  It is native to Upper Klamath Lake, its tributaries, including the Williamson, Sprague, and Wood rivers, the Lost River system, Tule Lake, Lower Klamath Lake, and Sheepy Lake. Early records indicate that the Lost River suckers were widespread and abundant.  Klamath and Modoc Indians, as well as settlers harvested the species for food and livestock feed. 


For stream spawning populations, Lost River suckers begin their spawning migration into the Williamson and Sprague Rivers in late March or early April, with spawning activity often continuing well into May. 


Facts About Lost River Sucker

The Lost River sucker is a long-lived sucker living up to 43 years and is also one of the largest suckers growing up to 1 meter in length.