Facility Rules and Policies

Special Use Permits
Commercial Activities 
A researcher monitoring a nestbox on the Refuge.

Includes: workshops, professional photography, & wildlife viewing tours. Application Form

Research & Monitoring

Includes: biological work & geological monitoring. Application Form

General Activities

All other permits. Application Form

For questions or to submit completed application form, please email Raena Parsons, Visitor Services Manager: raena_parsons@fws.gov

A minimum of ten business days is required to request a permit. 

Winter Wildlife Closures
Mule deer in winter on the Refuge.

Winter wildlife closures exist to prioritize the health and survival of local wildlife. While areas may be closed to people, those areas are open to wildlife. As the population of the local and traveling community continues to grow, wildlife face increased pressure to find suitable habitat. By following the rules of posted wildlife closures, you are helping wildlife!

Refuge Road

From December 1st through April 30th, a seasonal closure limits public travel on the Refuge Road. During that period, traffic and pedestrian use are only allowed from the Refuge entrance from East Broadway Avenue to the Twin Creek subdivision (approximately 3½ miles from the Refuge entrance). The closure is critical to protect winter wildlife on the Refuge.

Multi-use Pathway

From November 1st through April 30th, the pathway is closed from the Flat Creek bridge to the Gros Ventre bridge. The closure remains in place to protect migrating and wintering wildlife, including elk and mule deer. 

May 1st Opening

Are you a shed hunter? While no areas on the Refuge are open to antler collection, the public is allowed to access the adjacent National Forest areas to search for antlers between May 1 - November 30. Due to an overwhelming public interest in this activity, the Town of Jackson has strict guidance on how to participate. For more information, please visit this site.