Current Conditions- Winter

Updated April 5, 2019


Hart Mountain-Frenchglen Road through the Refuge and Hot Springs Road are OPEN. Blue Sky Road is currently CLOSED due to winter conditions.

All secondary roads south of the refuge headquarters will remain CLOSED until June 15 to protect wildlife habitat and prevent road damage. Petroglyph Lake and Poker Jim roads are CLOSED to all vehicle use due to severe rutting and resource damage. Visitors are cautioned to not attempt driving any secondary roads until weather conditions improve, which will likely be in the spring.

Visitors should expect occasional snow showers with continued cold weather below freezing at night and warmer and thawing conditions during the day which will make secondary roads impassible. Current weather forecasts are available from the National Weather Service.





Facts About Current Conditions- Winter

Hart Mountain-Frenchglen Road is OPEN.

Hot Springs Campground Road is OPEN.

Blue Sky Road is CLOSED until conditions improve.

Secondary Roads south of Refuge Headquarters remain CLOSED DEC. 1- JUNE 15 to protect wildlife and prevent road damage. 

Barnhardy Road (Hot Springs Campground to Blue Sky/ Post Meadow) CLOSED DEC. 1- AUG. 1.

Petroglyph Lake and Poker Jim roads remain CLOSED due to severe rutting and resource damage from vehicle use.

Secondary Roads north of Refuge Headquarters remain IMPASSIBLE due to snow water and mud.