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Fisherman displaying his catch

Fishing along the Bear River and certain Refuge canals is an enjoyable past time in the summer and fall months. Catfish and bullhead, along with invasive Asian carp, are the most common species caught.

  • Fishing Areas & Regulations

    Young boy and prize catfish

    Fishing regulations and locations can be found in our Hunting & Fishing brochure and map available for download by clicking on the link. And for more information on Utah state fishing licenses, limits and more, please visit the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources fishing page.

  • Utah Fishing Hotspots

    Channel catfish

    Most of Utah and the Refuge's fish species are non-native, stocked game fish.  The main fish to be caught in the Bear River and Refuge canals is channel catfish, but there are several native species of chub in Refuge canals and wetlands as well. 

    For more information on Utah fishing hotspots, check out the Utah Division of Wildlife Resource's Hotspots page.

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2015
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