Fisherman displaying his catch

Fishing along the Bear River and certain Refuge canals is an enjoyable past time in the summer and fall months. Catfish and bullhead, along with invasive Asian carp, are the most common species caught.

  • Fishing the Refuge

    Young boy and prize catfish

    Fishing is allowed in accordance with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources regulations and bag limits in designated areas along the Bear River and in canals and wetlands.  See the Utah Fishing Proclamation available at the Refuge Wildlife Education Center and online.  For more information on Utah state fishing licenses, limits and more, please visit the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources fishing page.

    Some important reminders for an enjoyable fishing experience on the Refuge:

    • All individuals fishing must have a valid Utah fishing or combination license in their possession. A digital “e-license” is sufficient for this purpose.
    • Off-road vehicle travel is prohibited.
    • Individuals must park in designated parking areas and walk into the designated fishing area.
    • Fishing line, bait containers, lures, cigarette butts, and equipment packaging are considered litter. Please pack out all trash with you.
    • Bowfishing for carp is permitted in accordance with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources regulations. Upright bows and crossbows are considered weapons and may not be discharged within 200 yards of any occupied structure, including the Refuge maintenance shop.
    • More information regarding designated fishing locations, rules, and regulations can be found in the Refuge Fishing Brochure.
    • Puede encontrar más información sobre lugares de pesca designados, reglas y regulaciones en el Folleto de pesca en el refugio.


  • Fishing Areas & Regulations

    2019 Fishing Map Snapshot

    Fishing is allowed in designated areas accessible from West Forest Street along Reeder Canal, Whistler Canal, “O” Line Canal, Duckville Parking Lot, and the Auto Tour Route entrance, as indicated on the map.  Fishing west of the Auto Tour Route gate is allowed in designated areas from sunrise to sunset.

    • Access to designated fishing areas is walk-in only. Driving off road is prohibited.
    • Fishing from Refuge bridges and water control structures is prohibited.
    • Fishing outside of designated areas is prohibited.
    • Littering is prohibited. Pack out all trash including bait, fishing line, and hooks.
    • Boat access is only allowed at designated boat ramps on the Bear River.

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  • Normas sobre pesca en el Refugio

    2019 Fishing Map Snapshot

    Se puede pescar de conformidad con las normas del estado de Utah. Consulte la Declaración sobre Pesca de Utah, disponible en el Centro de educación sobre vida silvestre del Refugio y en

    • Se puede pescar en áreas designadas a tal fin, a las que se podrá acceder desde West Forest Street, sobre Reeder Canal, Whistler Canal, “O” Line Canal, Duckville Parking Lot y la entrada del camino para recorrido en automóvil, según se indica en el mapa.
    • Al oeste de la puerta de entrada del camino para recorrido en automóvil se puede pescar desde el amanecer hasta la puesta del sol en áreas designadas a tal fin.
    • A las áreas de pesca designadas solo puede accederse a pie. Está prohibido conducir fuera del camino.
    • Está prohibido pescar desde los puentes y estructuras de control de aguas del Refugio.
    • Está prohibido pescar fuera de las áreas designadas.
    • Está prohibido arrojar basura. Retire toda la basura, incluidos cebos, líneas de pesca y anzuelos,en paquetes.
    • El acceso de botes solo está permitido en las rampas para botes designadas sobre Bear River.


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