A map of the Midwest Region including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin
About Us

The region is committed to

  • Expanding partnerships offering innovative opportunities to enhance the region
  • Healthy fish and wildlife trust species populations and habitats to support them
  • Providing the public with quality hunting, fishing, wildlife watching and other wildlife-dependent recreational opportunities on Service lands

Our regional office is in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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Regional Highlights

Tiger swallowtail butterfly on purple coneflower
Pollinators are the engine that run healthy habitats. Whether you have a few feet on your apartment balcony, a yard in need of landscaping or several acres, you can make a difference. Follow this easy step by step guide to build your own pollinator garden and help ensure the future is filled with...
A white-breasted nuthatch takes a sunflower seed from a bird feeder
We’ve been seeing a lot of tips for providing food, water and nesting materials to animals. Unfortunately, many of those tips are misguided end up being detrimental to the species we all want to help. Here are a few pitfalls you should avoid and some great alternatives that will help keep animals...
Blanding's turtle crossing a road
If you believe you have information related to a wildlife crime, email or call the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with information about where and when it occurred, along with what you witnessed. Include any photos or videos you may have.
Red-bellied woodpecker perched on a building
Sometimes wildlife can get a little too close for comfort. Learn what to do when if you have unwanted bird activity on your property.
Bald eagles perched in a tree
Sometimes eager wildlife enthusiasts take their observations a bit too far. One emerging threat to eagles and other wildlife is an increase in harassment from uncrewed aircraft systems, commonly referred to as drones. Learn how you can view wildlife safely and what to do if you see someone...
Mexican free-tailed bats flying at sunset
Few of nature’s animals are as misunderstood as bats. Though often feared and loathed as sinister creatures of the night, bats are vital to the health of our environment and our economy. Learn more about why bats are so essential, the threats they’re facing, how we’re conserving bats and how you...
Bee pollinating a squash flower
A pollinator can be a bee, beetle, ant, wasp, butterfly, moth, hummingbird, bat or even a small mammal. These creatures assist a vital life stage for all flowering plants - something essential for healthy ecosystems. Pollinator Week is an annual event in late June that is celebrated internationally...
The common loon known as ABJ on the water with two chicks
A common loon’s iconic wail provides the summer soundtrack to northern waters. We want to tell you about one particularly impressive pair of common loons - a pair that’s made up of both of the oldest known common loons in the world.