map of the Southwest region including Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas
About Us

In the Southwest region, we work with a variety of partners and other agencies, communities, tribal governments, conservation groups, business interests, landowners and concerned citizens to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, and their habitat.

Our regional office is in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In This Region
New Mexico


a blond woman in front of a dark background
Regional Director, Southwest Region

Regional Highlights

A mexican wolf with a green and red radio collar stands looking at the camera
Every year, individual wolves across America leave the pack they were born into and go solo, becoming a “lone wolf” in the wild. Known as “dispersing,” this is how wolves find mates and form new packs.
western burrowing owl held in gloved hands
In late October, the Texas Sealife Center in Corpus Christi received two calls from citizens who found western burrowing owls in places where they shouldn’t have been. One was found in a private homeowner’s yard in Robstown, Texas, with an injured wing; and the other was found on the ground near a...
four mexican wolf puppies are held in a biologist's hands
Have you ever wondered how biologists “count” wildlife populations? For the Mexican wolf, it takes a coordinated effort across multiple state, federal, and tribal agencies over several months. It’s a process that involves detailed planning, trained aerial darters, multiple aircraft, and good...
a wetland surrounded by grasses and trees
Fish in the desert? It seems impossible but not in the ciénega habitat.