Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1946 to provide habitat for migratory birds, wildlife, and plants native to the area.
National Wildlife Refuge Week Event - October 8th

National Wildlife Refuge Week, observed the second full week of October each year, celebrates the great network of lands and waters that conserves and protects Americans’ precious wildlife heritage. On Saturday October 8th we will celebrate with a full day of activities including a native plant sale and guided bird walk starting at 8AM. Additional activities include a presentation on how to become a game warden, tram tours, a guided ranger hike, butterfly garden walks, kids activities, live snake exhibits, and a preview tour of the online auction hosted by the Friends of Hagerman to benefit the refuge. Follow the link for more information -https://friendsofhagerman.com/Roundup

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National wildlife refuges offer us all a chance to unplug from the stresses of daily life and reconnect with our natural surroundings. At Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, each season brings new sights and sounds that can help recharge your soul and lift your spirits. Take a relaxing cruise along Wildlife Drive on the shores of Lake Texoma to watch wading birds stalk their prey or a northern harrier glide over marshes in search of small mammals. Listen to the sounds of songbirds and insects while you stroll along one of five hiking trails. Every visit offers something different than the one before. What might you see today? 

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      Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge boasts an abundance of birds and wildlife native to the north Texas area. From colorful painted buntings and red-headed woodpeckers, to playful river otters and majestic bald eagles, there is always something to see on the refuge.