Meadow Pond Trail

Haller's Haven - 2.7 Miles, Partial Loop, Easy

This trail offers a great view of the refuge at the top of an easy hill.  Along the way you'll first pass Picnic Pond, then Dead Woman's pond which is often teaming with wildlife.

Raasch Trail - 3 Miles, Down and Back, Easy

Walk through a range of several different habitats and search for Eastern Bluebirds and other songbirds.

Harris Creek Trail - 0.25 ADA Trail, plus 1.25 and 2.25 Mile Loops, Easy

This is the most popular trail, with several ponds and a photo blind.

Crow Hill Trail - 0.75 Mile Loop, Moderate

Shady, short and steep.

Meadow Pond Trail - 5.7 Miles, Down and Back, Mostly Gravel, Easy

Take a trip down memory lane while traversing over the route of a historic railroad track. After a 10 minute walk you will arrive at the beautiful Deaver Pond. Come in July when the American Lotus flowers are in bloom on the water.

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