Browse our library to learn more about our vision for Cape Romain NWR. Read our conservation plan that guides current and future managment goals and objectives for the refuge. As documents become available, you can keep abreast of species research and management decisions and practices. Here you will be able to read about conservation programs for migratory birds and threatened and endangered species that Cape Romain supports. 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region supports an exceptional website for the endangered Red wolf that provides a comprehensive overview of both its natural history and, managment programs undertaken for this critically endangered species. You can read about the current Red Wolf Recovery Plan on our Southeast Region site. 


Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan

The Cape Romain NWR CCP was prepared to guide management actions and direction that best achieves the refuge purpose, attains the vision, goals and objectives developed for the refuge, and contributes to the National Wildlife Refuge System mission.

U.S. Geological Survey Science for the North American Bat Monitoring Program

This document provides an overview of the threats facing bat populations and monitoring and survey programs underway by the USGS throughout the United States. This monitoring and survey program occurs at Cape Romain NWR.

A little girl chooses orange from her palette of colors and is painting a real fish. She will use the painted fish to create her Fish Art T-shirt.
This collection of materials for Cape Romain NWR includes maps and informative brochures that provide detailed overviews of the natural and cultural history, the national wilderness area, current management practices, and the outdoor recreation activities on the refuge.