Law Enforcement

Federal Wildlife Officer 

Since the beginning of the National Wildlife Refuge System in 1903, refuge officers have ensured that our natural and cultural resources are protected for the benefit of present and future generations of people. Officers work closely with local, state and other federal agencies to protect the resources, enforcing Federal laws such as the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Endangered Species Act, Refuge Recreation Act and Refuge Administration Act, as well as state wildlife laws and regulations. Law enforcement roles include investigating suspected violations, issuing citations, making arrests and testifying in court.

Federal Wildlife Officers are entrusted with protecting the resources and employees and people visiting the refuge. Whether it's keeping anglers and hunters informed of fishing and hunting regulations, helping hikers find their way on trails or, giving visitors tips on where to safely view wildlife, our officer is there to ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable visit.

If you report a violation, please provide as much information as possible:
- What happened
- When did it happen
- Where did it happen
- Who was involved

In an Emergency Situation, call 911

Cape Romain NWR Federal Wildlife Officer:

Kyle Johnson
Phone: (843) 499-2936