About this Collection

This collection of materials for Cape Romain NWR includes maps and informative brochures that provide detailed overviews of the natural and cultural history, the national wilderness area, current management practices, and the outdoor recreation activities on the refuge.

Maps include both the refuge map and Bulls Island map. The refuge map shows barrier islands, salt marsh salt marsh
Salt marshes are found in tidal areas near the coast, where freshwater mixes with saltwater.

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flats and creeks, and the mainland sites. The Bulls Island map details 16 miles of walking roads and trails and, historical sites on the island. Our brochure on the Cape Romain Lighthouses gives a brief summary of the two 1800's lighthouses that includes lighthouse construction and families and keepers who lived and worked on Lighthouse Island. The Sewee Visitor and Environmental Education Center brochure highlights the recreation and education programs and activities offered at the Center. Wildlife materials include the bird brochure with a check list for the 293 bird species found on the refuge  and, the hunt brochure and permit for deer and rail hunting opportunities with regulations and transportation information.