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Division of Policy, Performance, and Management Programs
Updated:  April 23, 2018
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Series Number Title Topics (Subseries) Included
000 SERVICE MANAGEMENT SERIES Service Directives (Parts 010-019)
Organization And History (Parts 020-029)
Delegations (Parts 030-039)
Service Image (Parts 040-049)
Planning And Management (Parts 050-059)
Climate Change (Parts 056-059)
Equal Opportunity (Parts 060-069)
Emergency Operations (Parts 090-099)
100 EXTERNAL RELATIONS AND OUTREACH SERIES Legislation and Congressional Relations (Parts 101-104)
Committees & Advisory Boards (Parts 105-109)
Public Involvement (Parts 110-114)
Information And Expression (Parts 115-119)
Audio-Visual Production And Printing (Parts 120-124)
Library And Museum Services (Parts 125-129)
Education (Parts 130-139)
Youth Programs (Parts 140-149)
Volunteers (Parts 150-159)
200 ADMINISTRATION Administrative Procedure (Parts 201-209)
General Administration and Ethics (Parts 210-219)
Personnel (Parts 220-229)
Employee Development And Training (Part 230-239)
Occupational Safety And Health (Parts 240-249)
Budget (Parts 250-259)
Finance (Parts 260-269)
Information Resources Management (Parts 270-279)
Records Management (Parts 280-289)
Management Improvement (Parts 290-299)
300 LOGISTICS Contracting (Parts 301-309)
Personal Property (Parts 310-319)
Vehicle & Equipment Management (Parts 320-329)
Aviation Management (Parts 330-339)
Real Property (Parts 340-359)
Engineering And Construction (Parts 360-369)
Facility Management (Part 370-379)
Investigations (Parts 409-414)
Audits (Parts 415-419)
Security (Parts 430-439)
Law Enforcement (Parts 440-469)
Refuge Law Enforcement (Parts 470 - 479)
Intergovernmental Activities (Parts 510-514)
Federal Financial Assistance (Parts 515 - 529)
International Activities (Parts 530-539)
Environmental Quality (Parts 550-559)
Pollution Control and Environmental Compliance (Parts 560-564)
Sustainability (Parts 565 - 568)
Pest Management (Part 569)
Environmental Contaminants (Parts 570-579)
600 LAND USE AND MANAGEMENT SERIES Refuge Management (Parts 601-609)
Natural And Cultural Resources Management (Parts 610-619)
Habitat Management (Parts 620-629)
Public Use Management (Parts 630-639)
Management Of Non-Owned Lands (Parts 640-649)
Coastal Programs (Parts 650-659)
Wetlands (Parts 660-669)
700 POPULATION MANAGEMENT SERIES Wildlife – General (Parts 701-709)
Fisheries (Parts 710-719)
Migratory Birds (Parts 720-729)
Endangered Species (Parts 730-739)
Nonindigenous Species (Parts 750-759)
800 RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY SERIES Technical Measurements & Data Management (Parts 860-869)
Population & Habitat Evaluation Methods (Parts 870-879)
900 SPECIAL PROGRAM SERIES Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp; National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation; National Fish and Wildlife Foundation; Conservation and Public Service Awards 
The Fish and Wildlife Service Manual:

  • Describes the structure and functions of the Service's organizational units,
  • Documents redelegations of the Director's authority,
  • Prescribes the policies and procedures for administrative activities and program operations, 
  • Steps down our compliance with other requirements, such as statutes, Executive Orders, Departmental directives, and regulations of other agencies.

    If you have questions about the Directives pages, please contact Krista Bibb via email or telephone at 703-358-1914. If you have questions about the specific content of a directive, please contact the originating office.

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