75th Anniversary


Can you imagine a Kodiak without bears? Neither can we. Originally established in 1941 to protect brown bears and their habitat, Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge celebrates seventy-five years of wildlife conservation and education on August 19, 2016!

  • 75 Years of Conservation!


    Established During a Time of War...

    For at least 7,500 years, people and bears have coexisted on the Kodiak Archipelago. Increasing pressure from civilization at the turn of the 20th century led to a declining Kodiak brown bear population. At the same time, the world began to take notice of the incredible size and unique natural history of the iconic animal.
    Read more on our Anniversary Handout

  • Enjoy your Refuge!


    Looking for ways to enjoy Kodiak? Celebrate our Refuge 75th anniversary with 75 suggested activities on the Refuge and around Kodiak! The first 25 people to complete at least 25 things on the checklist will win a commemorative prize!  75 Checklist.

  • Commemorative Poster


    In honor of our anniversary, the Refuge worked with our partner bookstore, Alaska Geographic, to design a commemorative graphic. This image combines two photographs taken on the Refuge, and is available here as an educational 11 x 14 poster.