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A book developed in partnership between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Alaska Geographic. Kevin Painter, the Alaska Region Refuge System Interpretive and Environmental Education Specialist, was heavily involved in the development of the book, bringing other organizations together to collaborate and get the stories out to the public. Kevin worked for over a year with the other agencies, aiding in detail such as the book title, layout, and even the type of paper it would be printed on. 

“For many years, I’d been an avid reader of the Anchorage Daily News (ADN) columns by Christine Cunningham and Steve Meyer on their adventures hunting upland birds and waterfowl on public lands around Alaska.I felt their writings spoke to the connection and relationships that form with the land, the wildlife, the dogs, and between people.So, on a gut feeling, in January 2022, I reached out to Christine Cunningham and pitched the idea of collaborating with her and Steve to produce a book that featured 60 or so of their previous ADN essays that celebrated public lands and our nation’s hunting heritage.” – Kevin Painter, USFWS

The Land We Share is comprised of over 60 outdoor essays that focus on the reverence for and lessons from our public lands, the wildlife, and relationships (people and dogs) that form around hunting...Half of the essays are from a male perspective, Steve Meyer, a lifelong hunter.The other half are from his female partner, Christine Cunningham, a lifelong Alaskan who came to hunting later in life.   

This softcover book draws upon the very best of their extensive collection of previously printed Anchorage Daily News articles. In a thoughtful and respectful style, their writings explore how hunting on public lands nurtures our spirit, sustains our health, and deepens our appreciation for the natural world. Even though most, but not all, of Steve’s and Christine’s stories are from the public lands in Alaska, the messages and themes have proven to resonate around the country with public land and hunting advocates as well as those who don’t hunt but have a deep connection to the outdoors. 

This book and collaboration will help fill a much-needed niche in today’s literature regarding America’s hunting heritage and our treasured public lands in Alaska and the nation. 

“As the book is being read, reviews are coming in, and author presentations are occurring, I feel fortunate to have been involved in such a wonderful and extensive collaboration reaching National Wildlife Refuge supporters and public land champions around Alaska.” Kevin Painter, USFWS   

Meet the Authors

The Alaska Region of the National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS) is happy to announce the upcoming The Land We Share author presentation at the REI Community Room (500 E Northern Lights Blvd) on December 8th (Friday) at 6 pm.  

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