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National Wildlife Refuge

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61389 Hwy. 434
Lacombe, LA   70445
E-mail: Atchafalaya@fws.gov
Phone Number: 985-882-2000
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This broad river delta provides a variety of habitat and resources for the adventurous visitor.
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  Recreation and Education Opportunities

Environmental Education
No on site structured educational programs are available from the refuge staff. However, local universities often use the refuge as an outdoor classroom. Site visits to schools local to the Southeast Louisiana Refuges Lacombe, LA office are available. Please call or write the refuge for more information.

Sport fishing is available year-round. Boat access to the bayous on the refuge are through the boat launches off of Landing Road and Big Alabama Road. Fishing is excellent for largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, and sunfish. Both hunting and fishing are subject to current state regulations, which are available from the headquarters office. From Highway 190, exit at the east toe of the Atchafalaya River on Hwy 975. Head south for 2.5 miles to the management area headquarters.

Hunting is permitted on the Sherburne Wildlife Management Area including the refuge for white-tailed deer, squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, woodcock, and waterfowl. The shooting range near the camping area and area headquarters has accommodations for rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooters to sharpen their marksmanship skills. Although the refuge is open to hunting, the refuge has a few closed areas to hunting and a few closed areas to waterfowl hunting. Check with the wildlife management area headquarters for a map of those areas.

Interpretive kiosks are placed along gravel roads within the refuge.

Wildlife Observation
Access is available for a self guided auto, walking, and boat tour. Camping is allowed on Sherburne WMA lands. Birding and general brochures are available for downloading at http://atchafalaya.fws.gov The refuge has been identified as an "Internationally Important Bird Area" by American Bird Conservancy www.abcbirds.org The refuge is an important breeding site for the wood thrush, swallow-tailed kite, prothonotary warbler and other declining bird species.

Hunters may enter the area no earlier than 4:00am and exit no later than two hours after sunset.

Entrance Fees
A self-clearing permit is required for all activities on the management area except for persons traveling through a most direct route with no activities or stops taken. The permits are available upon kiosks along the entrance roads to the area. All persons 16 or older and up to age 60 using wildlife management areas, including the refuge without a Special Use Permit, must purchase a Wild Louisiana Stamp, hunting, or fishing license from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries or other local supplier of licenses. The refuge does not require a fee to enter the refuge. Holders of a Golden Age Passport are allowed to pass through the state WMA lands use the refuge without acquiring a Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries stamp or license described above.

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