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Cape Romain
National Wildlife Refuge

American Oystercatchers thrive at Cape Romain.
5801 Highway 17 North
Awendaw, SC   29429
E-mail: caperomain@fws.gov
Phone Number: 843-928-3264
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  Recreation and Education Opportunities

Environmental Education
Cape Romain is active with the Earth Stewards Program, a framework for environmental education designed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The Program integrates conservation education into the schools' curriculum, and is administered through the Sewee Visitor and Environmental Center, the SEWEE Association and the International Center for Birds of Prey. The Sewee Center offers structured educational programs to schools, organizations and groups, providing indoor and outdoor classrooms and exploratory ponds. To learn more about Sewee's educational programs and activities, visit the Center's Web site at http:/seweecenter.fws.gov.

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Saltwater fishing and surf fishing opportunities are available year-round. Clamming, oystering and crabbing are also allowed with January and February being the prime times to gather clams and oysters. The pier at Garris Landing is used for saltwater fishing and crabbing. Both fish and shellfish opportunities are in accordance with state regulations.

The refuge offers deer and rail hunts. Two 6-day archery deer hunts occur on Bulls Island in November and December. The rail season is the same as the State season. A hunting leaflet is available to inform you about deer and rail hunting opportunities, regulations and required permits.

The Sewee Visitor and Environmental Education Center, jointly operated by the Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Forest Service, exhibits hands-on learning displays of the unique ecosystems of Cape Romain and the Francis Marion National Forest. The Center features a three-dimensional map of the forest and refuge, information on recreational opportunities, a live Red Wolf display, an 80-person auditorium, an orientation film to the refuge and forest, book sales store offering educational materials, and a walking trail. Learn more about the Center by visiting the Web site at http:/seweecenter.fws.gov. Interpretive signs are also located throughout the refuge.

Wildlife Observation
Cape Romain's diversity of habitats offer opportunities to view many different types of wildlife. As many as 277 species of birds, 12 types of amphibians, 24 reptile species and 36 varieties of mammals have been recorded on the refuge.

Leave No Trace
Leave No Trace is a national educational program to inform visitors about reducing the damage caused by outdoor activities, particularly non-motorized recreation. Leave No Trace principles and practices are based on an abiding respect for the natural world and our fellow wildland visitors. We can act on behalf of the places and wildlife that inspire us by adopting the skills and ethics that enable us to Leave No Trace.

1. Plan ahead and prepare.
2. Travel on durable surfaces.
3. Dispose of waste properly.
4. Leave what you find.
5. Respect wildlife.
6. Be considerate of other visitors.

For more information on Leave No Trace, visit the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics Web site. (http://www.lnt.org)

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The refuge is open sunrise to sunset, seven days a week, year-round.

The refuge office, Garris Landing and the Sewee Visitor and Environmental Education Center are the only facilities accessible by automobile. Refuge islands are only accessible by boat.

A private ferry service takes visitors to Bulls Island on regularly scheduled days. Contact the Sewee Visitor Center for the ferry schedule at 843/928-3368.

Garris Landing hours are October - March, 6:00am - 7:00 pm, and April - September, 6:00am - 9:00pm.

The Sewee Center is open Tuesday - Saturday, 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Entrance Fees
Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge does not charge an entrance fee.

Use Fees
None Required
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