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Wetlands are among the most active and productive habitats in the world. In the spring and fall, Modoc Refuge’s wetlands are a busy hub and staging area for ducks, geese and other migratory birds. By summer, nesting birds have taken up residence. Although the refuge is not primarily managed for mammals, mule deer and pronghorn antelope, badgers, weasels and otters, hares and rabbits, moles and shrews, mice and rats, and an occasional mountain lion or bobcat all take advantage of wetland resources.

A small turtle being held in a person's hand

ESA status: under review (April 2015) 

The range of the western pond turtle extends from the Puget Sound lowlands in Washington through western Oregon and California, south to Baja California. This aquatic turtle lives in streams, ponds, lakes, and permanent...

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Tricolored Blackbird

The Tricolored Blackbird is a medium-sized (18-24cm total length), sexually dimorphic North American passerine (Beedy, Edward, and Hamilton III 1999). Adult males are typically larger than females, and are black with bright red and white plumage on the wing shoulder. Adult females have sooty...

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