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If you are interested in a special use permit, please contact us. Of course, not all projects qualify for assistance, but contacting us is the first step.

To better accomplish our land management objectives, we sometimes utilize agricultural practices to manage and enhance habitat for wildlife. If you are interested in grazing livestock or harvesting hay on National Wildlife Refuge lands, please check here for available opportunities.

Silhouette of a person walking with a shotgun on the tundra

Some commercial, recreational and research activities are allowed on national wildlife refuges only with a special use permit issued by the local office, and are subject to specific conditions and fees. This permit requirement is meant to ensure that all activities at the federal site are...

Larged-winged birds called sandhill cranes arrive in fields to feed at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.

Cooperative agriculture — partnering with farmers and ranchers to meet wildlife management objectives — is a long-standing practice on national wildlife refuges (50 CFR 29.2). Cooperative agreements between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and farmers or ranchers may permit grazing by cattle...