Established in 1975, Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is located in southeast Arkansas, approximately eight miles west of the town of Crossett. Named for a small community located at its southwest corner, this 76,000 acre refuge contains an abundance of water resources dominated by the Ouachita and Saline Rivers and the Felsenthal Pool.

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National wildlife refuges can offer a view of some of the most pristine and remote landscapes across the country. When visiting these wild places, please prepare yourself accordingly. Adequate clothing and supplies are essential.

Water levels within Felsenthal NWR can be a deciding factor when planning your trip. Make sure the water is safe for any activities by checking the National Weather Service's website or contact the refuge.

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      This refuge is dissected by an intricate system of rivers, creeks, swamps, and lakes, which supports a wide diversity of native wildlife and plants.

      To learn more about the history, wildlife, habitat, and explore various points-of-interest on the refuge, visit our Storymap: Felsenthal NWR Storymap

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      Kayakers navigating a swamp full of trees and lily pads.

      Some 30 national wildlife refuges  charge visitors a nominal entrance fee (generally $3-$5 daily)  to cover road and facility maintenance.  If you are a regular visitor or would like to visit other public lands, you could save by buying an America the Beautiful Federal...

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      Over 1,150 species of plants and animals have been documented on the refuge. This number continues to increase as refuge biologists, researchers from various universities, and volunteer citizen scientists document observations during their time on the refuge. Birders help us monitor the presence of both resident and migratory birds.

      Learn more about contributing to our projects and species below:

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      Wildflower Phenology for Ar Pollinators

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