Arkansas Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Arkansas Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest. The annual contest, which is open to students in grades K -12 from across the state, encourages young artists to express their knowledge of conservation, wetlands, and waterfowl while creating beautiful works of art.

Kira Nichols, 18, of Clarendon, was named “Best of Show” for her colored pencil composition of a male Wood duck, titled “Serene Wetlands”. The winning Arkansas Conservation Message was submitted by Emily Luttrell, 17, of Corning. She wrote, Nature is similar to art, and it is up to us to conserve and appreciate the picture that nature has painted for us.”

This program offers an art- and science-based curriculum that teaches wetland and waterfowl conservation to students in kindergarten through high school. If you are interested in learning more about the contest, please visit the Arkansas Junior Duck Stamp page. 

A Special Thank You to all the participating schools, teachers, and students: Batesville Junior High School Charter, Bebee Junior High School, Brown Homeschool Academy, Cabot Freshman Academy, Clarendon High School, Cornerstone Christian Academy, Corning High School, Corning Schools, Eagle Mtn. Elementary, Ellen Smith Elementary, Flippin Middle School, Jimmy Brown Elementary, Kilcrease Homeschool, Lipe Homeschool, Mixon Homeschool, Monticello Intermediate School, Whitley Homeschool

First, second and third place winners in each of the four age groups:

1st Place – Group 1 (Grade K-3)

Caroline Cogbill

Scarlett Liles

Cameron Smith

1st Place – Group 2 (Grades 4-6)

Gia Weier

Mabri Thompson

Mia Smith

1st Place – Group 3 (Grade 7-9)

Catherine Manning

Kimora Bogard

Kylie Harlan

1st Place – Group 4 (Grade 10-12)

Olivia Ahrent

Cody Simpson

Kira Nichols

2nd  Place – Group 1 (Grade K-3)

Kason Mankin

Maggie Zeal

Whitaker Brown

2nd Place – Group 2 (Grades 4-6)

Abby Young

Myonna Bradley

Nicholas Lozano

2nd  Place – Group 3 (Grade 7-9)

Lela Schroder

Kamille Iwundu

Gracie Forinash

2nd Place – Group 4 (Grade 10-12)

Emily Luttrell

Eme Mason

Jada Coleman

3rd Place – Group 1 (Grade K-3)

Jazmine Mondragon

Emily King

Lucy Smith

3rd Place – Group 2 (Grades 4-6)

Liz Pinkston

Lizzy Lopez

Shelbea Fowler

3rd Place – Group 3 (Grade 7-9)

Charleigh Hawkins

Lily Talkington

Ivy Mason

3rd  Place – Group 4 (Grade 10-12)

Laura King

Briseyda Castro

Paige Massey

Honorable Mention winners in each of the four age groups:

Group 1 (K-Grade 3)

Emiliano Perez, Kassidy Dial, Zakary McCauley, Katelyn Picard, Ennsleigh Hopper, Chason Barnes, Wren Stevens, Jack Harris, Emma Drake, Gunner Mullikin, John Rodgers, Jackson Ratliff, Maelei Greene, Alicia Williams, Jensen Reynolds, Skylar Haynes

Group 2 (Grades 4-6)

October Roberson, Ricki Bates, Jeffrey Hunt, Lane Lucas, Landon Zeal, Raylyn Raiford, Emma Nelson, Autum Powell, Allison Huneycutt, Kilby Glasscock, Kaden Treadway, Aaliana Gonzales, Paisley Gay, Mary Wycough, Milagros Bautista Cruz, Alexis Santos

Group 3 (Grades 7-9)

Presley Whitener, Christopher Banning, Isabelle Bays, Andrew Burkett, Easton Stewart, Lucas Peace, Andrea Henry, Geneva Collins, Skylar Pepiot, Chayah Rosario, Hailey Davis, Abby Staggs, Kyla Woodard, Sophia Urie, Ashlyn Pearson, Jazmin Carrillo

Group 4 (Grades 10-12)

Ava Goodman, Caleb Moore, Makel Bray, Angel  Hames, Bailey Wilkins, Isaiah White, Maci Browning, Aleena Bollinger, Tara Calhoun, Maggie Nickason, Hollee Cossey, Analise Alexander, Johneisha Brown, Isaac  Henderson, Navie' Jennings, Austin Dahlen

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