What We Do

Refuges use a variety of science-based management tools to address biological challenges. These tools range from active water management to prescribed fire, all aimed at ensuring a balanced conservation approach to benefit both wildlife and people. 

Management and Conservation

Refuge staff carefully consider many management techniques and employ them in varying degrees according to the situation. Management actions create, restore, and maintain diverse habitats to encourage use by many wildlife species. Some habitat management activities at Felsenthal NWR include monitoring red-cockaded woodpecker (RCW) survival, prescribed burning, thinning and regeneration of forest stands, biological control of invasive plants, and migratory waterfowl monitoring.

Our Services

The following America the Beautiful passes are available at the Felsenthal NWR Visitor Center. Please call ahead to ensure availability. 

  • Lifetime Senior Pass ($80, must be over 62 years old, valid for lifetime)
  • Annual Senior Pass ($20, must be over 62, valid for one year)
  • Access Pass (free, people with permanent disability, valid for lifetime)

Existing Golden Eagle Passports will be honored until they expire. Paper versions of the Golden Age or Golden Access Passports can be exchanged for the new Senior or Access passes. Plastic Golden Age or Access passes are valid for the pass holder's lifetime and do not need to be exchanged. 
NOTE: South Arkansas Refuges Complex fees are not applicable for America the Beautiful passes. 

Kayakers navigating a swamp full of trees and lily pads.

Some 30 national wildlife refuges  charge visitors a nominal entrance fee (generally $3-$5 daily)  to cover road and facility maintenance.  If you are a regular visitor or would like to visit other public lands, you could save by buying an America the Beautiful Federal...

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is an integral part of managing the National Wildlife Refuge System. Refuge law enforcement officers are responsible for upholding federal laws and regulations that protect natural resources, the public, and employees.

Laws and Regulations

Public Use Regulations are designed to protect the sportsman and wildlife populations. The Public Use Regulations provided for Felsenthal NWR supplement the general regulations which govern all public uses on national wildlife refuges as set forth in Title 50, Code of Federal Regulations. Hunting and fishing will be in accordance with applicable State regulations subject to the conditions located in the brochure.