Two people sit on horseback on the beach

Horseback riding is allowed along the beach in the South Over-sand Vehicle zone. This area may be closed due to hazardous conditions or wildlife management practices, and horses will not be permitted in this area during such closures. For the most recent closure updates, visit the @ChincoteagueOSV twitter page. Full information about horseback riding on either side of Assateague Island can be found on the Assateague Island National Seashore website

  • You must bring your own horse. We do not offer horses for rent or horseback riding tours.
  • Proof of a current negative Coggins test for each horse is required.
  • Riders must stay east (ocean side) of the black and white posts.
  • Riding is not permitted in any other areas, including but not limited to dunes, dune crossings, trails, boardwalks and paved roads.
  • Avoid groups of people engaged in other activities, and do not ride between the ocean and vehicles parked on the low beach.
  • Before leaving the refuge, it is your responsibility to clean the parking lot of any manure, hay, or feed dropped as a result of your visit. 
  • Horse trailers must be parked in lot #4, the southernmost parking lot.
  • In warmer weather, usually late spring through early fall, biting insects are active that are capable of spreading diseases to horses and humans.
  • Please refer to the horseback riding map for further details.
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Map of areas people can go horseback riding at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.

Document updated by the National Park Service in 2018.