The staff of the Alabama Ecological Services office are national species leads for 50 threatened and endangered species.  The table below lists the species the staff are the lead for and additional species they cover in the state.  If you have questions for any of our lead biologists, feel free to contact them.

StaffNational Species LeadOffice Species Lead/POC 
Jennifer Grunewald

Mussel - Inflated Heelspliter

Crustaceans - Alabama Cave Shrimp, Slenderclaw Crayfish

Fish - Alabama Cavefish, Rush Darter, Trispot DarterVermillion DarterWatercress Darter

Evan Collins

Reptiles & Amphibians - Black Warrior WaterdogFlattened Musk Turtle

Fish - Frecklebelly Madtom, Spring Pygmy Sunfish

MusselsCanoe Creek ClubshellFinelined Pocketbook, Orange-nacre Mucket, Southern Clubshell

Fish - Popeye Shiner

Reptiles & Amphibians - Alabama Redbelly Turtle, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Black Pinesnake, Dusky Gopher Frog, Eastern Indigo Snake

Erin Padgett

Mussels - Alabama Lampmussel, Dark Pigtoe, Pale Lilliput

Snails - Armored Snail, Rough Hornsnail, Slender Campeloma, Tulotoma Snail

Birds -  Red knot

Mussels - Southern elktoe, Longsolid

Brittany Barker-JonesMussels Alabama Moccasinshell, Coosa Moccasinshell, Georgia Pigtoe, Heavy Pigtoe, Ovate Clubshell, Southern Pigtoe, Triangular Kidneyshell Aquatics - Coosa Creekshell
Morgan Brizendine

Fish - Alabama Sturgeon

MusselsAlabama Pearlshell

SnailsCylindrical LioplaxFlat Pebblesnail, Interrupted Rocksnail, Lacy Elimia, Painted Rocksnail, Plicate Rocksnail, Round Rocksnail 

FishBlue Shiner, Gulf Sturgeon        

Mussels - Rayed Creekshell                                                                              

Scott Lamont

FishPygmy SculpinCahaba Shiner

MusselsWhite Wartyback

SnailsOblong Rocksnail

Plants - Mohr's Barbara's Buttons
Jenna King -Listing Biologist

Fish - Coal Darter, Bankhead Darter, Tuscumbia Darter

Mussel - Alabama Hickorynut, Alabama Rainbow

Plant - Apalachicola Wild Indigo, Eared Coneflower, Harper's Heartleaf

Reptile - Alabama Map Turtle, Black-knobbed Map Turtle, Escambia Map Turtle

Snail - Manitou Cavesnail

AmphibianTennessee Cave Salamander

MammalsWest Indian Manatee

Shannon Holbrook 

Bats - Indiana, Gray, Northern Long-Eared

Birds - Piping plover,, Red-cockaded Woodpecker

Sea Turtles - Green, Hawksbill, Kemp's ridley, Leatherback, Loggerhead

Bill LynnMammals - Alabama Beach Mouse

MammalsPerdido Key Beach Mouse

ReptilesEastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Jason RossReptiles & Amphibians - Red Hills SalamanderTerrestrial -  Mitchell's satyr butterfly
Erin Lentz

Ferns & Allies Alabama streak-sorus fern

PlantsFleshy-fruit gladecress, Kral's water plantain, Lyrate bladderpod, Tennessee yellow-eyed grass