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"The mission of the Service Ethics Program is to help employees maintain high standards of honesty and integrity when performing Government business and to assist the agency in upholding the trust and confidence of the American people."

This Program Mission is accomplished by providing employees with up-front assistance to ensure compliance with all Federal ethics laws, regulations and policies. The focus is on the prevention of problems.  The office does not adjudicate complaints, investigate matters or prosecute ethics violations. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each employee to understand and comply with the ethics laws, rules and policies.

What We Do

The Ethics Program provides ethics advice and training to nearly 9,000 Service employees.  In addition, the Program develops agency ethics policy and manages the Service's financial disclosure reporting process for the more than 1,900 Service employees required to file annual reports.  Issues handled by this office include questions regarding the acceptance of gifts, entertainment and travel expenses from non-Federal sources, outside employment and activities, charitable fundraising, misuse of position and government resources, political activities, and post-government employment. Ethics counselors' duties include reviewing employees’ financial disclosure reports, providing employees with ethics counseling and training, and preparing reports required by the Department of the Interior and the Office of Government Ethics.  

Who We Are

The Director is the Service's Ethics Counselor, through designation by the Secretary of the Interior. The Director is supported by a small team of full-time national Ethics Counselors led by the Service’s Deputy Ethics Counselor. This national team is responsible for the agency’s implementation of the Service's Ethics Program and is part of DOI's Office of the Solicitor, Departmental Ethics Office. Each region also has at least one Associate Ethics Counselor who is the primary point of contact for ethics questions from regional and Headquarters employees. Visit our Contacts page to find your Ethics Counselor.

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