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New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse 

This endangered species is found in New Mexico, eastern Arizona, and southern Colorado, where it relies on habitat areas along rivers to make its home. It is a true hibernator and is very sensitive to changes in the  riparian riparian
Definition of riparian habitat or riparian areas.

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  (along rivers or stream edges) vegetation conditions it needs.  It requires perennial flowing streams or streams that are at least flowing during their active season (May-October). Our office completed a recovery plan in 2023 and is now leading the development of a plan to guide the recovery efforts necessary to protect this species from further decline. This will include significant habitat protection and recovery actions on degraded critical habitat on both public and, where possible, private lands with willing landowners. The recovery planning and implementation process involves multiple partners from the U.S. Forest Service, State game and fish agencies, academics, and Tribes, along with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologists. We anticipate having a final recovery implementation strategy completed in 2024.


Black-footed Ferret 

The black-footed ferret is a specialized member of the weasel family native to the open prairie habitat found in the interior parts of North America. It is entirely dependent upon prairie dogs and their colonies for food and shelter. Our office has been actively supporting an ongoing and successful reintroduction effort in Mora County, New Mexico, on a private ranch.  The year 2023 was the fifth active year for this project, which includes four releases of black-footed ferrets from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Center (NBFFCC) in Colorado. Annual surveys have detected active breeding females with kits during the first  three years for this project.  Unfortunately, during surveys on the ranch in late 2023, few prairie dogs, and only one ferret, were seen.  The loss of the prairie dog colony was likely caused by sylvatic plague, which will decimate a prairie dog colony. This was one of the few black-footed ferret recovery actions done on private land in the United States.  This office is working with the NBFFCC and the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish to continue monitoring this colony in 2024 and 2025 to confirm if the prairie dog colony is truly inactive, and if any ferrets are still present. 

Sacramento Mountains Checkerspot Butterfly 

The Sacramento Mountains checkerspot butterfly lives only in mountain meadows near Cloudcroft, New Mexico. They are pollinators for local wildflowers and lay their eggs on New Mexico beardtongue. In recent years, this butterfly has declined in abundance due, in part, to drought and heavy browsing by large herbivores. We are currently collaborating with the U.S. Forest Service and some non-governmental organizations to conserve this scarce species. Currently, our conservation team is focusing on protecting meadow habitat, planting native plants to provide pollen, and captive breeding and raising of the checkerspot butterfly. 

Office Species by Taxa

    TaxaThe NMESFO functions as the “lead” office for the following listed, proposed, or candidate species.The NMESFO also has responsibility to help conserve and protect the below listed, proposed, or candidate species.
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Office Species Leads

Species Common NameNMESFO Species LeadContact Information
Alamosa springsnailElizabeth Bainbridgeelizabeth_bainbridge@fws.gov
American bumble beeJanelle Allemanjanelle_alleman@fws.gov
American hart's-tongue fernNik MacPhee nicole_macphee@fws.gov
Arizona toadClinton Smithclinton_smith@fws.gov
Arkansas River shinerMark Hornermark_horner@fws.gov
Aztec giliaLauren Rangellauren_rangel@fws.gov
Bald eagleNik MacPhee nicole_macphee@fws.gov
Beautiful shiner

Janelle Alleman

Chad Baumler



Black-capped vireoCharles Hayescharles_hayes@fws.gov
Black-footed ferretMark Brennanmark_brennan@fws.gov
Black-tailed prairie dogMark Brennanmark_brennan@fws.gov
Bolson tortoiseVance Wolfvance_wolf@fws.gov
Boreal toadClinton Smithclinton_smith@fws.gov
California condorMark Brennanmark_brennan@fws.gov
Canada lynxElizabeth Bainbridgeelizabeth_bainbridge@fws.gov
Chihuahua catfishLauren Rangellauren_rangel@fws.gov
Chihuahua chubChad Baumlerchad_baumler@fws.gov
Chihuahua scurfpea  Mark Hornermark_horner@fws.gov
Chiricahua leopard frogClinton Smithclinton_smith@fws.gov
Chupadera springsnailElizabeth Bainbridgeelizabeth_bainbridge@fws.gov
Clover's cactusAdriano Tsinigineadriano_tsinigine@fws.gov
Colorado pikeminnowScott Durstscott_durst@fws.gov
Cooke's peak woodlandsnailEmma Handemma_hand@fws.gov
Dona ana talussnailEmma Handemma_hand@fws.gov
Dunes sagebrush lizardMarilyn Wrightmarilyn_wright@fws.gov
Gila chubRobert Pratherrobert_prather@fws.gov
Gila mayflyJennifer Davisjennifer_l_davis@fws.gov
Gila topminnowAlana Simmonsalana_simmons@fws.gov
Gila troutChad Baumlerchad_baumler@fws.gov
Golden eagleNik MacPhee nicole_macphee@fws.gov
Goodding's onion Emma Handemma_hand@fws.gov
Gunnison's prairie dogCharles Hayescharles_hayes@fws.gov
Gypsum wild-buckwheatKatie Sandbomkatie_sandbom@fws.gov
Headwater chubRobert Pratherrobert_prather@fws.gov
Hoary batChad Baumlerchad_baumler@fws.gov
Holy Ghost ipomopsisJanelle Allemanjanelle_alleman@fws.gov
Interior least ternMelissa Frymelissa_fry@fws.gov
JaguarCharles Hayescharles_hayes@fws.gov
Jemez Mountains salamanderClinton Smithclinton_smith@fws.gov
Knowlton's cactusAdriano Tsinigineadriano_tsinigine@fws.gov
Koster's springsnailMelissa Frymelissa_fry@fws.gov
Kuenzler's hedgehog cactusMelissa Frymelissa_fry@fws.gov
Lee's pincushion cactusKatie Sandbomkatie_sandbom@fws.gov
Leoncita false-foxglove  Melissa Frymelissa_fry@fws.gov
Lesser long-nosed batAlana Simmonsalana_simmons@fws.gov
Lesser prairie-chickenLauren Rangellauren_rangel@fws.gov
Loach minnowAlana Simmonsalana_simmons@fws.gov
Mancos milk-vetchAdriano Tsinigineadriano_tsinigine@fws.gov
Mesa Verde cactus  Lauren Rangellauren_rangel@fws.gov
Mexican long-nosed batAlana Simmonsalana_simmons@fws.gov
Mexican spotted owlJanelle Allemanjanelle_alleman@fws.gov
Mexican wolfChad Baumlerchad_baumler@fws.gov
Mineral creek mountainsnailEmma Handemma_hand@fws.gov
Monarch butterflyNik MacPheenicole_macphee@fws.gov
Mountain ploverVance Wolfvance_wolf@fws.gov
Narrow-headed gartersnakeClinton Smithclinton_smith@fws.gov
Navajo bladderpodAdriano Tsinigineadriano_tsinigine@fws.gov
New Mexico meadow jumping mouseMark Brennanmark_brennan@fws.gov
New Mexico ridge-nosed rattlesnakeClinton Smithclinton_smith@fws.gov
Noel's amphipodMelissa Frymelissa_fry@fws.gov
North American wolverineMark Brennanmark_brennan@fws.gov
Northern aplomado falconMark Brennanmark_brennan@fws.gov
Northern leopard frogClinton Smithclinton_smith@fws.gov
Northern Mexican gartersnake  Clinton Smithclinton_smith@fws.gov
Pecos assimineaMelissa Frymelissa_fry@fws.gov
Pecos bluntnose shinerMark Hornermark_horner@fws.gov
Pecos gambusiaSarah Yatessarah_d_yates@fws.gov
Pecos pupfishTim Ludwicktimothy_ludwick@fws.gov
Pecos springsnailSarah Yatessarah_d_yates@fws.gov
Pecos sunflowerSarah Yatessarah_d_yates@fws.gov
Penasco least chipmunkMark Brennanmark_brennan@fws.gov
Peppered chubEliza Gilberteliza_gilbert@fws.gov
Pinyon jayMarilyn Wrightmarilyn_wright@fws.gov
Piping ploverVance Wolfvance_wolf@fws.gov
Razorback suckerScott Durstscott_durst@fws.gov
Rio Grande chubAndy Deanandy_dean@fws.gov
Rio Grande cooter  Sarah Yatessarah_d_yates@fws.gov
Rio Grande cutthroat troutChad Baumlerchad_baumler@fws.gov
Rio Grande shinerAndy Deanandy_dean@fws.gov
Rio Grande silvery minnowAndy Deanandy_dean@fws.gov
Rio Grande suckerAndy Deanandy_dean@fws.gov
Roswell springsnailMelissa Frymelissa_fry@fws.gov
Roundtail chubRobert Pratherrobert_prather@fws.gov
Sacramento Mountains checkerspot butterflyJanelle Allemanjanelle_alleman@fws.gov
Sacramento Mountains thistleEmma Handemma_hand@fws.gov
Sacramento prickly poppyEmma Handemma_hand@fws.gov
Sangre de Cristo peaclamMark Hornermark_horner@fws.gov
SilverspotElizabeth Bainbridgeelizabeth_bainbridge@fws.gov
Sneed pincushion cactusKatie Sandbomkatie_sandbom@fws.gov
Socorro isopodElizabeth Bainbridgeelizabeth_bainbridge@fws.gov
Socorro springsnailElizabeth Bainbridgeelizabeth_bainbridge@fws.gov
Southwestern willow flycatcherJennifer Davisjennifer_l_davis@fws.gov
SpikedaceAlana Simmonsalana_simmons@fws.gov
Swale paintbrushKatie Sandbomkatie_sandbom@fws.gov
Texas hornshellSarah Yatessarah_d_yates@fws.gov
Tharp's blue-starKatie Sandbomkatie_sandbom@fws.gov
Todsen's pennyroyalLauren Rangellauren_rangel@fws.gov
Tri-colored batNik MacPheenicole_macphee@fws.gov
Variable cuckoo bumble beeEmma Handemma_hand@fws.gov
Western bumble beeAdriano Tsinigineadriano_tsinigine@fws.gov
White Sands pupfishMelissa Matamelissa_mata@fws.gov
Wright's marsh thistleJanelle Allemanjanelle_alleman@fws.gov
Yellow-billed cuckooJennifer Davisjennifer_l_davis@fws.gov
Zuni bluehead suckerChad Baumlerchad_baumler@fws.gov
Zuni fleabaneCharles Hayescharles_hayes@fws.gov