Tiaroga cobitis

Loach Minnow

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A small member of the minnow family with an elongated body that is flattened ventrally. There are eight rays in the dorsal fin and seven in the anal fin. The lateral line has approximately 65 scales. Coloration tends to be olivaceous background, with a lot of blotches in darker pigments. There are whitish spots at the origin and insertion of the dorsal fin and dorsal and ventral portions of the caudal fin base. A black, basicaudal spot is usually present. Breeding males have bright red-orange coloration at the bases of the paired fins and on the adjacent body, on the base of the caudal lobe, about the mouth, near the upper portion of the gill opening, and often on the abdomen. Females in the breeding season become yellowish on the fins and lower body.

Scientific Name

Tiaroga cobitis
Common Name
loach minnow
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