Science Communication and Outreach Program Members

Program Lead: Nicole Hams

Program Members: Ywj Pheej Yang

About the Science Communication and Outreach Program 

 The Outreach Program has the primary responsibility of coordinating the information and education activities for CRFWCO. We seek to  improve public awareness and promote informed decision-making about the role each of us plays in our natural environment through education, information and empowerment. We recognize the value and need for public support and participation for the success of our programs and we are committed to working with the public as a partner. Outreach and education projects include presenting at area schools and environmental fairs and participating in various events that showcase our office’s projects and feature local environmental organizations with a special emphasis toward hands-on activities for children and adolescents.

Salmon in the Classroom 

Salmon in the Classroom (SiC) is an interactive, program that teaches students about Salmon life cycle, habitat and conservation.

Lesson Plans

Visit our Environmental Education page for Salmon in the Classroom lesson plans and other environmental education resources.

Tank Resources


2022 Program 

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Interested in receiving information on raising salmon in your classroom? Send us a message using the link below.

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Science of the Service 

Science of the Service is a series of virtual webinars that provide a platform for Service staff to share data, discuss their findings, and trade ideas. It is designed to enhance the awareness and understanding of the scientific information, findings, techniques, and approaches used in the Pacific Region. Visit the Science of the Service page to learn more, including dates for this year's conference, programs from previous years and information for submitting an abstract.

Science Communication Resources

Web Resources

Speaking of Science - Stepping Out of the Stereotype: Columbia River FWCO Project Leader, Dr. Janine Castro, provides public speaking tips and common pitfalls associated with sharing scientific information.

Speaking of Science - A Checklist: Tips for preparing and delivering scientific talks and using visual aids 

What to Do with Your Hands When Speaking in Public: An article published in the Washington Post that provides guidance about the right hand gestures to use to reinforce your verbal message. 

Federal plain language guidelines: Guidance for clearly communicating with your audience. 

Illustrative Resources

BioRender: Create beautiful, professional science figures in minutes - no drawing skills required. 

Canva: Graphic design platform for creating visual content.

Communities of Practice 

Science Talk: A professional society for science communication

Toastmasters: Learn public speaking and leadership skill through a worldwide network of clubs

Contact Information 

For more information about Science Communication and Outreach at the Columbia River FWCO, including partnerships and community engagement, please contact Nicole Hams.