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About Nicole Hams

Nicole is responsible for managing science communication and outreach efforts for the Columbia River FWCO with partners and organizations in the Portland metropolitan area. She works closely with Portland Public Schools to facilitate Salmon in the Classroom curriculum and instruction for students, as well as community outreach events. Nicole helps develop and manage internship opportunities for students on a regional and national level through her involvement with regional MANRRS chapters and the Directorate Fellowship Program. Additionally, Nicole works with other scientists in her region to coordinate Science of the Service in an effort to enhance the awareness and understanding of scientific information, findings, techniques, and approaches used in the Pacific Region. 

Program: Science Communication and Outreach

Past Projects:

Americus, B. E., HAMS, N., Klompen A., Alama-Bermejo G., Lotan T., Bartholomew J., Atkinson S., 2021. The cnidarian parasite Ceratonova shasta utilizes inherited and recruited venom-like compounds during infection. PeerJ. 9:e12606.

Impacts of ration size on growth and sexual maturation in YY Brook Trout: Implications in the biological eradication of an invasive species - 2020 Science of the Service

Background: Nicole is an alumni of the Directorate Fellowship Program. Nicole holds a Doctorate and Masters Degree in Biochemistry and Biophysics from Oregon State University and a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Missouri - Columbia. Prior to joining the CRFWCO, Nicole worked at Abernathy Fish Technology Center (USFWS). 

At CRFWCO since: 2021

Areas of expertise
Science Communication
Curriculum Development
Program Development and Strategic Planning
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

From The Library

Salmon Factsheet and Activities

Includes a Chinook Salmon factsheet, a coloring page and anatomy guide. Intended for 3rd-5th grade students. 

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