The Columbia River FWCO Science Communication and Outreach Program provides lesson plans and instructional activities for easy use by educators and community groups. The lesson plans can be supplemented into existing courses and programs, such as the Salmon in the Classroom program, or used as stand alone activities. Most resources listed are available as kits to be loaned out to local schools and community organizations. 

Request an Environmental Education Resource

  1. Check the calendar to make sure the kit is available for the dates you request
  2. Fill out the Request Form and select "Request and Environmental Education Kit". Someone from our office will contact you to coordinate a pickup and dropoff. 

Lesson Plans

Salmon Anatomy

  1. Fish Dissection - Full Lesson Plan and Components
  2. Survival Adaptations - Full Lesson Plan and Components 

Salmon Food Web

  1. Salmon Food Web - Full Lesson Plan and Components

Salmon Habitat

  1. Build A Healthy Salmon Stream - Full Lesson Plan and Components

Salmon Life Cycle

  1. Salmon Life Cycle - Full Lesson Plan and Components

Contact Information

Fish Biologist, Nicole Hams, close up in front of a pond and trees
Fish Biologist - Science Communication and Outreach
Fish and Aquatic Conservation
Additional Role(s)
Directorate Fellowship Program Regional Coordinator,
Salmon in the Classroom Program Coordinator,
Science of the Service Planning Committee ,
MANRRS Internship Regional Coordinator
Science Communication ,
Curriculum Development,
Program Development and Strategic Planning,
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Coho Salmon eggs incubating and hatching at Quilcene NFH in WA State.
The Columbia River Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office collaborates with local, state and Tribal partners to conserve, restore, and improve native fish and aquatic resources throughout Oregon and along the Columbia River. We study wild and hatchery aquatic organisms and their populations, support...