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Portland (OFWO Headquarters)


Portland is home to the headquarters of the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office. While staff from this office travel throughout the state, we also focus on the Portland metro area and surrounding Willamette Valley from this location.

  • Working Locally With You

    Photo of Kincaid's lupine by the USFWS

    So what is it we actually do in the Willamette Valley? While the projects are many, we can break things down into some larger categories:

    • Restoring and Maintaining Healthy Ecosystems

    • Species Recovery: for those already in danger

    • Species Conservation: to hopefully avoid becoming in danger

    • Partnerships

  • How We Can Help

    Photo of a Fender's blue butterfly by the USFWS

    The USFWS stays very busy in the Willamette Valley, working with citizens, businesses, local governments, and environmental organizations on a number conservation activities, including:

    • Endangerd Species Act Consultation

    • Environmental Education

    • Fish Passage

    • Habitat Conservation Plans

    • Energy Projects

    • Urban Conservation

  • Drop Us A Line

    Image of the USFWS logo

    Office Location

    2600 SE 98th Ave., Suite 100, Portland, OR 97266



    Program Supervisors

    State Supervisor: Paul Henson

    Deputy State Supervisor: Craig Rowland

    Administrative Officer: Cindy Rutherford

    Aquatic Resources Division Manager: Chris Allen

    Conservation Partnerships Division Manager: Brendan White

    Endangered Species Division Manager: Jeff Dillon

    Forest Resources Division Manager: Kim Garner

    Acting Public Affairs Officer: Jodie Delavan

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