Climate Change

Climate Change presents a challenge for the conservation community and requires the Service to join with partners to apply our collective skills, ingenuity, and commitment to conserve our nation's natural resources. 

Learn More: USFWS Climate Change Website

Make Your Home a Home for Wildlife

Oregon is home to an enormous diversity of wildlife! As humans alter the landscape, the habitats native wildlife once called home are changing and disappearing. By making your home safe and healthy, you can help support Oregon’s native wildlife species. 

Learn how to help Birds, Insects and Pollinators, Mammals, Amphibians & Reptiles  and Bats

Partnership with the Oregon Zoo

For many years we've worked with the zoo to conserve locally imperiled species such as Oregon silverspot butterfly, western pond turtle, Taylor's checkerspot butterfly, California condors, and more! We have a full-time interpretive specialist who has worked hand-in-hand with zoo staff in the development of activities, displays, and programs designed to communicate our shared conservation messages --- a first for our agency.  

USFWS will be sharing some of the wildlife conservation education kits normally given at the Zoo through this webpage.

Junior Duck Stamp Program

Calling all science and art students! The Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program is a conservation education experience to engage and inspire youth. The program is designed to spark interest in habitat conservation through science, art, math, and technology.

Junior Duck Stamp Program National Page